Sony makes own version of Apple TV

sony vaio tp1

Luckily for us, when Sony was creating the VAIO TP1, they got their idea from Apple, but did not make this new PCTV an iVAIO. This PCTV from Sony merges the functions of a TV and a computer to make a great tool in the living room. What�s great is that the little cylinder known as the PC part actually has HDMI out port, memory card slot, USB ports, and a DVD burner. Well that�s why it�s a cylinder than; Sony really worked to make this thing as small as possible without effecting its performance. It looks like Sony really hit the nail on the head with this product; this looks to be a great alternative to the Apple TV for customers who have some hatred inside towards Apple. Apple probably was not expecting this kind of competition right after their big announcement, but they probably weren�t expecting to get sued either, so who knows these days with Apple. The VAIO TP1 is slated to come out in March for $1600, which seems fairly reasonable for something like this. — Nick Rice

Sony VAIO TP1 [via Gizmowatch]

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