Solar keyboard, oh yeah, computers are INDOORS

genius solar keyboard

Solar power is going to save the world! Too bad our keyboards can’t harness it’s power. The people who made the Genius SlimStar 820 solar keyboard didn’t quite relize that we don’t use our computers outdoors. Now, you might say that your lights indoors work. No they don’t’ it’s called solar power for a reason. So now that we’ve taken out the main feature of this keyboard, how about the fact that it can run on a regular battery too? A saving grace. So while we won’t be running out with our new Prius to buy this “green” keyboard, if you happen to have a waterproof computer, go for it! –Nik Gomez

Genius keyboard powered by sun [via UberGizmo]

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  1. Have you ever used a calculator with a solar panel inside. Solar panels can and do use light from over head lighting, some are effective enough to harness a lot of energy from these light sources. Wireless keyboards use so little power that this small panel given even moderate exposure to sun/indoor lighting should be sufficient to power the keyboard.

    With that being said the light from my window is currently streaming down onto my keyboard…no waterproofing needed.

  2. Point taken, I just think that putting a solar panel on the keyboard is a fairly useless application of two technologies.

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