Dragon Made Out of Soda Can Pull Tabs


No, not “pop,” you friggen mid-westerners. SODA! This dragon was made entirely out of SODA, yes, SODA can pull tabs. Measuring 14 inches long and 8 inches tall, the Soda Can Pull Tab Dragon was produced by gluing an undisclosed number of pull tabs to each other with standard epoxy.

The creator of the dragon named it shinkonryuu, and its pretend magical power is inhabiting the spirit of a living person and then moving on once that person dies. Such a selfish power, but whatever.


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  1. OMFG this is Fuk’n nice. I was thinking of making something like this but with mountain Dew cans.

  2. Jacob Orcutt-Kinney

    how did you make that out of soda can pull tabs.

  3. Is there a recipe for how it should be done? Would you possibly could send it?

  4. Recyclers gone wild?

    This is pretty epic. Nice work. 🙂

  5. how did you make that out of soda can pull tabs.

  6. that is the coolest thing i have ever seen,if you could can you tell me how you made it cause i would love to have one of my own,thanks and take care

  7. Two words: Frickin’ Awesome!!!

  8. its awesome!! (And pop.)

  9. Very awesome, and creative use of pull tabs.

    To the writer of the article, it can be ‘pop’ or ‘soda’, or ‘soda pop’ or any number of things. Your min-rant was rather silly.

  10. Well, I live in the midwest and they call it “soda” here. I am from the Pacific Northwest and I call it “pop”. It’s a little like “doing a doughnut”, or in Minnisota, “hookin’ a shitty”, in Idaho, “spinnin’ cookies”, Midwest, “doing a 360”. Face it dude, it’s a melting pot. BTW, cool Dragon.

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