Skype Will Finally Be Syncing Across Devices!

If you’re a regular Skype users then you no doubt have been frustrated by the fact that Skype does not sync across various devices. Well, your frustrations are about to be remedied.


If you are a regular Skype user then you will know all about the lack of syncing between devices, something that can be extremely frustrating for users. Fortunately however, Skype has finally announced cross device syncing. Why is this such a big deal? (If you’re asking this question then you likely haven’t utilized Skype on multiple devices.) If you’ve ever started up Skype on your cell after using it on your desktop for a while then you will notice that your app is stalled for a ridiculous amount of time while it downloads information and updates your chat log with previous messages. The new update means that once started up, the Skype app will be functional and ready to go with a complete record of data. So when will Skype unveil this new syncing feature? This is the unfortunate part of the update – Skype has said that the changes will be made “in coming months.” So don’t hold your breath just yet!

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