Skylink Ubiquam U300 Mustang Phone

skylink ubiquam u300 mustang phone

Russian CDMA network operators, Skylink, teams up with Russian jewelers, Almaz Holding, to design the Ubiquam U300 phone. A mobile out fitted with gemstones and a really cool mustang design on the back.

To create this beauty, the two companies stared with a normal Ubiquam U300 CDMA EV-DO mobile without any of the added design features. Jewelers add the 7.2gr silver mustang design on the rear, and 29 0.01 carat (holy mother of smallness!) gemstones.

As of now the phones are not for sale, but will be viewable at trade shows and conventions across Russia. Depending on the reception it gets in the Motherland will determine the future of production for more of the special edition U300.

Just one question. If you’re putting 0.01 carat gemstones on a phone, can you even see them? We’re no gemologists, but isn’t 0.01 carats really really tiny? Is it worth the effort of design? — Andrew Dobrow

Skylink Ubiquam U300 Silver Mustang Phone with 29 Gems [Unwired View]

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