Skip-Away your DVD scratches for good


There’s nothing worse than throwing in your favorite movie and watching it half way through only to have it skip and freeze at the most critical point. At this point you would go and try to clean the disc, only to find deep scratches that could only be repaired by buying a new one. VenMill believes they have found the method to repair these scratches with their system called OptoClear, which will be implemented into the Skip-Away. OptoClear works by heating the metal of the DVD until it is malleable. When pressure is applied to the now bendable disc, the scratches are smoothed to a disc like new. The whole process is finished with a light polish to make it all sparkly clean.

The Skip-Away, which will be released in June, will allow home users to complete this whole method in the comfort of their own homes. Aside from its repair mode, the Skip-Away also has a cleaning mode to make those damn stray fingerprints disappear. Sadly, Blu-ray discs will not be able to use the OptoClear system because of its thinner metal coating. HD-DVD’s on the other hand, do work. The Skip-Away will be available for around $250 with replacement polishing pads costing $20 each. — Andrew Dobrow


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