Shoot the alarm clock when you want to snooze


When we hear that alarm clock beeping in our ears in the morning, we either ignore it, or wish we had a gun to blow the damn thing to pieces. With this gun operated alarm clock you can have all of the fun of the second option, while wiping out the need of the first. Designed by Roger Ibars, this resulting gadget from a DIY project is an uplifting way to start the morning.

When the alarm starts beeping, all you gotta do is grab the Duck Hunt-like gun from your night stand and pretend to blast the annoying beeper into nonexistence. The clock is only a concept model so don’t expect to be seeing it on any store shelves, though this idea is too good to pass up. A gun is one of the only things we wish we had in the morning, if not only to shoot up our neighbors’ yapping dog. (Warning: No annoying animals were shot in the making of this article) — Andrew Dobrow

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