Shimadzu sweat dryer, odor remover plus germ killer for your shoes

hikari de kirei sss-100n

You know how leather shoes cannot be dumped into washing machines together with your trainers (if you do), and when leather stink, they just have to stink forever. You might have tried spraying deodorant at your shoes and leaving them in the sun hoping to kill some germs. Well, a Japanese company Shimadzu Science might just have the answer for you. Now with this fairly compact (331x320x435mm 4kg) and fairly affordable ($187) “shine and clean” (Hikari de Kirei) machine you can do all the above tasks in one go, and each cycle only takes 15 minutes. The company claimed that the ultra-violet light in there can kill up to 99% of Staphylococcus Aureus in your shoes. They even have a different (larger) model that can fit your boots in. — Sam Chan

Hikari de Kirei SSS-100N [Shimadzu Science]

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