Self Stirring Mug saves you a few seconds


People are so busy these days, even a simple task such as stirring a cup of java can delay them precious seconds. The Self Stirring Mug stirs while you multi-task any other project your working on. Your dose of caffeine is then ready for consumption, without even the smallest effort put into stirring.

With a liquid capacity of 16 oz, the outer layer of the mug is made of stainless steel, while the inside is made of plastic, as to not scald your skin off when you pick it up. It also comes with a splash proof travel lid. And for the very reasonable price of ¬£12.49 ($16.39), you can buy one yourself. — Andrew Dobrow

Self Stirring Mug Product Page [SelfStirring, via The Gadget Blog]

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  1. The link is broken. Found a good collection of these mugs here:

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