Seitz 160-Megapixel Camera Is An Arm Full


Seitz has created a monster. This 160-megapixel 6 x 17 inch camera might be slightly, well who are we kidding, MUCH bigger than your average point and shoot, but at 160 MP, it could create prints the size of Mars. The camera itself looks like it takes an effort to lift. You have to figure it must be pretty heavy.

One full res image taken with this Seitz camera will take up 900 MB of storage! That means that the memory for this camera needs the help of an entire Mac Mini, just to provide some room for the giant size. And even that can hold a pretty limited amount of photos. The high-end model of the Seitz camera costs a whopping $44,414. Be prepared to sell any small countries you own if you want it. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. 900MB or 900GB?

  2. Do you mean 6 x 17 cm?

  3. omg, i think i have entered into a new realm of sexual conscientiousness. i have never found myself becoming increasingly horny over a freakin machine but jesus look at it. so big and hard.

  4. Hey JavaZetti, why would you ask if they mean 6 x 17 cm? Of course not. When they said 6 x 17 inches they meant it… LOOK AT THE PICTURE.

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