Seiko MuPass gives you variety in the mornings

seiko mupass

Everyone knows how annoying it is to be woken up by that stupid repetitive beeping you alarm clock makes at 5:30 in the morning. All this does is start off your day wrong; a sure sign that your day is going to go down hill fast. Now if you woke up to some of your favorite tunes, then you�d probably wake up a lot happier, making your day a lot better. The Seiko MuPass alarm clock seems like a normal clock from the outside, but look deeper and you will find your dream come true: this alarm clock can download polyphonic ringtones for your morning listening pleasure. All you have to do is bring your cellphone and transfer the songs to the MuPass via the infrared port. If you know that you�ll get sick of one song after about one day, then go big and fill up the memory of the clock: 4000 tunes. That�s over 12 years of glorious tunes for you; that should be enough to make you happy. The only problem is that this is only for sale in Japan at a price of $75, so for now just wake up to the radio, at least its music. — Nick Rice

Seiko muPass [via New launches]

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