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R2-D2 Stuffed with Eight Gaming Consoles

Star Wars fan and tangled wire advocate Brian De Vitis managed to have one of the greatest brainstorm ideas ever. Why not take every console I own (all eight of them) and stuff them all into that R2-D2 replica I’ve had sitting around the house. Well, EVERYONE has the supplies needed for this project. No excuses. Grab your droid and ...

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R2-D2 Projector Turned Server Monitor

Too negligent to monitor a server system? Well, if you’re a huge Star Wars geek like these Japanese fellows, then you can build your own R2-D2 server monitor out of a $3,000 dollar R2-D2 projector.� The R2-D2 alerts workers whenever a server goes offline and can even project server status on a wall or ceiling. Sooner or later, someone will ...

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R2-D2 Mailboxes: May the postal service be with you

Such an odd turn of events. R2-D2 finally getting his props as more than just some beeping robot in Star Wars. These R2-D2 themed mailboxes will help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars this year, and will be spread across America. They might not be a very accurate depiction of the R2 unit, but then again, what could a ...

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Does Smoking Marijuana Kill Your Brain Cells?


With the US elections coming up in November 2020, a lot of voters seem to be gravitating towards pot-friendly candidates. By pot-friendly, I mean anyone who thinks recreational use of marihuana is not a problem and is willing to legalize weed in the state.  Whereas, lawmakers in some states like New Jersey have preferred to let the voters decide whether ...

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15 Geek Gift Must Haves

Doctor Who TARDIS Night Light

When it comes to buying gifts for geeks things really couldn't be easier...although, that could be because we're geeks ourselves... Anyway, take a look at these 15 geek gift must haves that we've selected just for you!

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