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Super Mario Pipe Lamp

Let your man cave brace itself. The Super Mario Pipe Lamp melds the joys of video game plumbing accessories and electricity. Water and electric. Not such a great mix.

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Duck Hunt Lamp: No Cartridge Blowing Required

Before gaming became complex enough to warrant entire guide books, there were casual games which required only skill, practice, timing and coordination. Duck Hunt was one of the least complex games in gaming history. Shoot at the ducks, that is it. But despite its simplicity, Duck Hunt was a hit, one of the most popular NES games and one that ...

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A Lamp Shade Made Out of Aviator Sunglasses

I’m a fan of aviator sunglasses. And it’s not because I’m trying to fit in with a particular douche bag clique. I’m beyond that. I just like the way they fit my face. I admire their style. The Celebrity Lamp by Deeply Madly Living is a light source with a twist. The lamp shade is made out of 40 pairs ...

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RGB Lamp Introduces Your Home To Color Theory

There’s a designer in everybody, just trying to get out. One of the first lessons and designer studying their craft will learn is the very basics of color theory (colors can even alter human emotion and physiology, as we’ve seen). The RGB diagram has become an iconic staple of the design world and for good reason, it’s simplistic beauty is ...

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Less Lamp: Poke More, See More

The Less Lamp is one of those gadgets that would appear to be great for anger management. Take that… and that! And…. AHHHH, I’M BLINDED! SCREW YOU LESS LAMP! OH, GOD, MY EYES! An innovative design concept, the Less Lamp is a sealed lamp shade made of plaster. When you get it and unbox the Less Lamp, you’ll find that ...

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Sputnik Lamp: Light Bulbs Upon Light Bulbs

Are traditional lighting fixtures just not cutting the mustard for your interior decor? Chromochrome mood lighting not your style? You need something really geektastic to light up that big ole’ man cave of yours, and Pacman just doesn’t float our battleship like it used too. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous Sputnick Lamp which is pretty much a spiky sphere ...

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