Scientists Master Facial Recognition on Cellphones

Facial recognition has been standing on the edge of relevance to the average man for a while now, yet it hasn’t quite made the jump from security science to mainstream integration. Scientists at The University of Manchester have been covertly mastering the function of facial recognition from mobile phones with MoBio, and their results are impressive.

“Existing mobile face trackers give only an approximate position and scale of the face,” said Dr Phil Tresadern, lead researcher on the project. “Our model runs in real-time and accurately tracks a number of landmarks on and around the face such as the eyes, nose, mouth and jaw line. A mobile phone with a camera on the front captures a video of your face and tracks twenty-two facial features. This can make face recognition more accurate, and has great potential for novel ways of interacting with your phone.”

There are a few major possibilities of this emerging technology. First off, it could make your phone a whole lot safer, with no passwords needed. The front-facing camera will just scan your face and grant access based on your facial dimensions. Also, you know app developers are going to find a way to turn facial recognition into a game and/or social experience, much like they’ve done with augmented reality. Plus, it makes way more sense than ear scanning.

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