Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD2 takes 7MP pictures in the middle of HD recording


You know there are always moments that you want to capture with good-enough digital photo, especially in the middle of movie recording? And those screenshots off the moving pictures are never good enough, even when we have HD recording nowadays. Well, Sanyo’s Xacti line of pocketable digital camcorders might just come into the right place, because these camcorders can take  great digital prints in the middle of movie recording.  The company has updated their flagship model this morning  with a CCD of 7.1 Megapixels effective, low light performance was also improved so that the camcorder can work in environments as dim as 7 Lux (down from 14 Lux on the previous model), ISO can go up to 1600.  Also, 8GB SDHC cards are now officially supported, this is good for 3 hours of HD-SHQ movies at 1280×720 pixels 9Mbps, or 21 hours of VCD quality movies. The Xacti houses a lens with 10x optical zoom (38-380mm f3.5). Digital anti-handshake during movie recording and HDMI/D4 output  are both  in place. The improved battery life allows you to take movies non-stop for 85 minutes or 180 photos straight. With all that power, the DMX-HD2 still keeps the compactness of the Xacti line, measuring 80x36x119mm and weighing 235g. The DMX-HD2 will be on shelves by March and will sell for a very reasonable 800USD,  keep in mind that this is also the world’s smallest and lightest  High Density camcorder. — Sam Chan

Press release [Sanyo Japan]

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