Sanyo household air purifiers remove VIRUS from air

sanyo virus washer

Sanyo Japan announced today that they have started to commercialize their proprietorial virus-removal technology onto their line of air purifiers as well as air-conditioners. A regular air purifier removes dusts, if the pores on the sieve gets smaller, it can pick up flower pollens or even some bacteria. If you want to move up one level, we have sieves with electrical properties that can attract and hold these particles and hence attaining an even higher level of air “purification”. However, virus is something that is difficult to tackle, mainly because of their small sizes, even the air treatment systems in most of the Operation Theaters in hospitals cannot remove virus. Sanyo Japan has figured out a way to do that cheap and small enough to fit in your house. The simple story is that they’re using electrolyzed water to attack the virus structure so that they cannot attack your body cells and make you sick. Their lab claimed that the Virus Washer technology is able to remove 99% of norovirus (recent diarrhea outbreak) in air, which cannot be removed by alcohol alone. The whole line of products was demoed this morning, so expect them to be out at the market real soon, no word on price yet. — Sam Chan

Virus Washer technology lab results [Sanyo Japan] Virus Washer series [Sanyo Japan]

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