Santa’s Grotto – Google Style


It goes without saying that Google Maps changed almost everything, providing a wealth of information that’s made moving around the UK (not to mention finding local facilities) incredibly easy.

But who says the tool can’t be fun as well? Renowned UK gardening and outdoor specialists Notcutts have taken the time to Google Map the most important of Christmas locations: Santa’s grotto!

Filmed at the Notcutts store in Norwich, this wonderfully festive tool gives the user a chance to explore the whole winter wonderland setup. In their bid to Deck the Halls, Notcutts really have gone all out, with a store full to bursting with sparkly decorations and Christmas cheer.

The tour takes you right the way through the store, giving you the chance to check out the wide range of different Christmassy products available, from toys for the kids through to the huge range of Christmas crackers. (Not to mention the DVDs – yes, it’s time to watch Frozen again!).

Of course, the real payoff is the Grotto itself, where good old Saint Nick awaits with a sackful of presents. Decked out with a huge number of baubles and tons of tinsel (not to mention some great lighting) Santa’s Grotto is definitely a must for the younger members of the family – as well as those that just love the festive season!

(Oh, and we want to know what’s behind the Elves only door. Go ooooon, tell us: it’s not fair. And we want chocolate on the way home, by the way. Thanks, mum).

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