Samsung SPH-B6700 ‘card phone II’ to launch in Korea


Samsung presents its newest card phone, the SPH-B6700 to the Korean mobile market. The B6700 comes with many features of the previous card phone, such as mobile printing, mp3 playback, and a camcorder, but adds some multimedia functionality with some added features.

T-DMB access, a 2 MP camera, and Bluetooth connectivity are among the new media features of the B6700, along with a 330,000 word dictionary and “my pet” file viewer. It’s dimensions measure a tiny 8.7 (w) x 5.4 (h)cm at a weight of 79g.

The B6700 comes encased in a strong aluminum body so the little fellow won’t get crushed in the folds of your pocket. We’d still recommend to use a belt clip though. For now its only available in Korea.



Andrew Dobrow

Gallery Page [Cetizen, via AVING]

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