Samsung partners Swarovski, more anorexic phones: thinnest WCDMA candybar, thinnest DMB slider, thinnest HSDPA folder

samsung 707sc

Samsung is one huge attention seeker. Today they presented 3 new phones for Softbank Japan, the 8.4mm thin W-CDMA 708SC candybar that looks like the GSM 820, but the screen is upped to 240×320 landscape (from 176×220), microSD slot is added and now supports up to 2GB. Camera is still at 2MP, but a subcamera for video conference is added. The 707SC II is a HSDPA folder with specifications that resembles that of the aforementioned 706SC, Samsung puts everything into a 11.8mm folder form that’s it. The 805SC is the world’s thinnest (13.5mm) DMB One-seg slider and runs on HSDPA network. Samsung will be partnering Swarovski to release crystal-mounted 707SC phones (pictured above). Expect the Picsel document viewer (MS Office, Adobe PDF), Bluetooth with A2DP as well as the English-Japanese-Korean dictionary will all come with these Samsung phones. Softbank said that hey should be ready this spring. More pics after the jump.


samsung 805sc


samsung 707scii


samsung 708sc

samsung 708sc

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  1. how do i put game on my phone 7085sc, what is the format?

  2. where do you get these plzz teell i need 1

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