Sampling the soundtrack of daily life? Now there�s an app

Despite the marvelous diversity of the apposphere, it can be difficult to find genuinely useful apps for content creation of any kind. (Magic Piano doesn’t count.) This offering ostensibly emulates the classic Casio SK-1 keyboard. But if the video above is true to its promise, it’s rather more than that. I mean, the SK-1 was tiny�in 1985. But shrink a sampling keyboard down to iPhone size, and you’ve got a powerful tool for remixing the soundtrack of daily life. It’s called Sir Sampleton, it’s made by SOFTOFT TECHECECH, and it’s ready for download in the app store. Exception to the content-creation-app rule, or a harbinger of things to come? Who cares. Download it and give your personal soundtrack a spin.

[via Rhizome]

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  1. Hey Matthew — this really is pretty amazing! Just for giggles, I downloaded it to my iPhone, and it does what it says.

  2. Susan, I’m glad you checked out the app�and if you make anything cool with it, let us know!

  3. I can’t wait to try this out 2x’ed on my iPad. Thanks for posting this.

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