Sagem H4 Bluetooth headset claims to be smallest ever (Record should last a week at most)


There seems to be an infinite amount of “smallest ever”‘s as of late. And with our ever decreasing hardware, I wouldn’t doubt these claims to all be true. The question we guess is, How small is too small? So far, we haven’t seen proof to even think “too small” exists. The Sagem H4 Bluetooth Headset is said by Sagem to be the smallest ever made.

The H4 measures in at a tiny 35 x 18 x 12.5mm. Yes…we did tell you it was gonna be small. At a devastatingly light weight of 8g, the black design is a little boxy for our tastes, yet those with the need for smaller electronics, or those with really, really small ears would find great use in the H4.

Along with the small stature and somewhat awkward design, the H4 has two custom buttons which allows you to call two of your pre-programmed numbers with one press action. The headset also supports voice activated calling if your phone is down with the tech jive. You get 5 hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby with its tiny battery. Pick one up for £53. — Andrew Dobrow

Company Page [Sagem, via Tech Digest]

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