Run Athletics Nintendo shoes lock in gamer status

run athletics nintendo sneakers

Everybody, it’s time to take a break from hacking your Xbox 360 to do things that make Microsoft want to cry. Take a break from adding that new HDTV tuner and gather around. Look at these shoes! Run Athletics is making an attempt at broadening its target market with these awesome Nintendo gaming shoes. These sweet kicks have a very clean design that allows them to look like some normal, stylish shoes if you don’t pay too much attention. But if you do take to time to get up-close, you will find that there are tons of Nintendo characters in blue, and the iconic Mario “M” on the tongue of the shoe. See those stars? Just think of the music, you know, the invincibility music that lets you run around killing every turtle and goombas in your sight. Every time you looks at your new shoes, you can hear that sweet sound. As said before, these shoes don’t stand out as being particularly hideous like so many other things that companies try to do to appeal to gamers. These have some style and class to them, and the real treats are for those who recognize the stars in grey. — Nik Gomez

Nintendo kicks turn your feet into retro gaming showcase [via Joystiq]

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  1. how much do these things cost???

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