Rumors: BlackBerry Storm Coming November 24th

Pro leak-a-holic Boy Genius has leaked a Verizon document that reveals more details about the highly anticipated Blackberry 9530 Storm. Said document shows a pre-launch on November 20th with the official, nationwide launch going down on November 24th. Less than two weeks until you can get a precious Storm! There is a God! Hit the jump for more crisp details:

* 123 corporate Verizon stores will be �pre-launching� the device on November 20th. That means that the 123 stores will have Storms in stock to demo for customers and to pre-order the device for them. This is only for high-end VZW customers, and people that got the mailing that went out. The general public, as we�re informed, can not just �mosey on down.�
* November 24th (and November 25th?) is the general availability date which includes corporate sales, telesales, and indirect dealers.


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