Rumor!: Quieter 360 coming through software upgrade


Sources say that the answer to a noisy 360 system is coming soon and is in fact already running as an upgrade on some systems. The software update was supposedly sent out to journalists to test with their debugging console. This update is said to reduce the noise from the disk reader of the Xbox 360.

Depending on how this software fixes the problem, there might be some adverse effects. If the upgrade reduces the drive speed, this can result in longer load times and very frustrated gamers. Is a longer load time worth the noise reduction? Would it be better just to ignore the update? Will the update ever be official? More as it comes. — Andrew Dobrow

Rumor: Quieter 360 via Software Update [GWN]

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  1. Noise is not that bad – I have an xbox 360 and the drive noise, while some times does get a bit loud , is not that bad as some make out, in fact even at night when im lying on my bed watching a DVD i can hardly hear it, its not that annoying to be honest. However a few days ago i watched a DVD on my brothers PS2 and i realised what a bad DVD player the PS2 is. Its crap. The PS2 struggles to play DVDs that the 360 plays with ease.

  2. I agree with out on that. The PS2 DVD player is very poor and even has an awful effect on the picture quality.

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