Rumor — Facebook’s Smartphone Project Code-Named “Buffy”

With the sheer volume of gadget news being released for the pre-holiday buying season, it’s getting harder to tell which rumors are legitimate, and which are simply meant to get people talking.

According to the site “AllThingsD”, Facebook’s smartphone project (which has been rumored for months) is currently being revamped, as the social networking giant works with HTC to finalize details of their device. The phone’s OS will supposedly be based off of a modified version of Android.

Oh, and this smartphone has a name. The code-name for the project is “Buffy” — yes, after “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

Since there are already phones that use integrated Facebook, here’s how “Buffy” will supposedly be different:

According to AllThingsD, the “Buffy” Facebook phone will be different from these other others devices, because it won’t just provide access to Facebook. Instead, it will have the social networking technology developed by the company integrated into the device.” — CNET News

Of course, AllThingsD cites “unnamed” sources for this information, so it’s hard to know if this is really true.


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