Rubik’s Cube Alarm Clock Not As Challenging As It Could Have Been


While I applaud the concept of mashing together the classic design of Rubik’s Cube and the iconic gadgetry of alarm clocks, I’ve got to admit a slight disappointment that turning off the alarm doesn’t entail actually solving the puzzle. Would the complete and utter frustration be worth the ultimate geek cred you’d obtain with one of these things at your bedside?

Despite the lacking of actual Rubik’s-like movement, the alarm clock brings the thunder with the added functionality of temperature, letting you know whether it’s chilly enough out to wear your Mega Man knit cap. To slide between settings, just turn the top layer of the cube. Available for $24 from Chocosho.

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  1. They could have at least made you twist the top around 360 and the bottom around 360… Though, the “you have to solve a maze to hit the snooze button” alarm clock program on my phone is frustrating enough… especially when its set to “random sounds effects” to wake me up to.

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