Rubberband gun pleases young boys and grown men alike

rubberband machine gun

This is the dream toy of boys everywhere. While kids under 10 might not understand the power of this, just show them a picture, it’s in their genes to know that this is great. This, my friends, in an automatic rubberband machine gun. Remember the rubberband guns that took forever to reload after just one or two shots? Well, this doesn’t exactly solve the time to load problem, but you get to shoot about 144 rubberbands (12 barrels x 12 bands) in one go. So what use can this amazing invention go to? Can you say “payback teachers”? Another problem arises here; because it is about 40 inches tall, you might have a hard time moving this monster from point A to point B. So how much will this behemoth of a gun run you? About $400. Sadly, the reward of seeing your brother with 144 rubberband bruises might not be worth that much. — Nik Gomez

Rubberband Machine Gun [via UberGizmo]

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