RoundUp Hose Wheel helps avoid tangles and gets your wife to let it go already with the nagging


A lot of woman love gardening. You probably know a few who, every year, around the same time, flock to the outside world to plant their seeds. Us men are sometimes stuck with the job of watering them when the ladies get lazy (sorry ladies). For those times, the RoundUp Hose Wheel could make that job a lot easier.

The RoundUp is designed to be able to unwind your hose without touching it (sounds dirty, and your wife would probably prefer if it was…think about it). The short hose system allows for users to only roll out six feet of the hose when it is needed, with 75 other feet to spare. The unit connects to the water source, thus relieving the risk of annoying twists and tangles. Which makes those women in our life happy and stress-free.



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  1. I saw this on HGTV and I want to buy it. How much is it? Where can I get it? If it’s not too expensive, I might get two, one for the front of the house and one for the back. I won’t need it until next spring but it’s not too soon to start looking for it. Can I get it with the hose already attached? I’m 89 years old and not very good at putting things together. But if the hose wheel is only available separately, I can probably hire somebody to put a hose on it.

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