ROMP: Shoots Paintballs and Leaves The Scene

I wish my father had bought me a ROMP as a child. The Remotely Operated Mobile Platform, ROMP for short, is a remote control vehicle designed for military use. It can shoot stuff with a paintball gun, listen in on conversations, blow up IEDs and so much more. Think of it as a Radio Shack R/C car jacked up on Red Bull and creatine.

The design was conceived by Chris Rogers and while his intentions certainly are doable, the ROMP sadly remains a concept for now. I am almost 100-percent sure though, that with an issue of MAKE, some tools, parts and a free weekend, you could very easily make your own ROMP. Arduino, anyone?


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  1. So many paintball robots out there now, pretty soon they can all play a game together. 🙂

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