Rogun the Robot knows that face from somewhere


Robots just keep getting more and more intelligent. Rogun is a bot that can become familiarized with faces, while acting as a babysitter / security guard of your home. Rogun will wonder around your house, and play with your kids while broadcasting video to keep an eye on them.

Rogun also acts as a home security system. If someone comes into your home that Rogun doesn’t recognize, the bot automatically calls your cellphone to let you know something is not so kosher at the home front. Designers of Rogun, Korntech, say that the robot stands at around 1-meter tall and will be available in mass production for a price around $5000 a pop. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Will this be able to save your child if it starts chocking or something?

    I mean home security isn’t the only purpose of a babysitter, protecting kids from drowning, chocking or falls is more important.

  2. What there is bad about chocking? It is need to keep airplane from roll away, If my child learn to chock I am happy to see.

  3. Jamil

    Austen made a valid point, unfortunately he confused chock and choke. However your attempt a sarcasm was undermined by your poor grasp of English.

    What you should have written is as follows:

    What is bad about chocking? It is needed to keep an airplane from rolling away. If my child were to learn to chock I would be happy.

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