Robometer: Mood Ring For The Next Generation


Remember those old mood rings which would change colors depending on what “mood” the ring decided you were in? Blue was calm and green was sensitive, while red was angry and black was, well, I don’t remember what black was. Even if they were cheap pieces of shit, I always thought mood rings were a lot of fun, but they were so unpredictable. The Robometer on the other hand, uses hard data to determine your happiness level.

Using a pair of GSR leads on your fingers and an accelerometer built into the bracelet piece, the Robometer monitors your movements, skin response, and even your voice for an emotional response. All of the sensors work together using Bluetooth technology to assimilate an overall emotional outlook which is displayed on the wrist using an LED display. It can even remember the voice cues that made you happy, and replay them when things aren’t looking so hot.


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  1. As dumb as this looks/sounds… I think there are people that could actually benefit from some accountability; even if it does come from an LED display on their wrist. Maybe if I get one, I’ll be able to stop punching holes in things…

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