RIM Debuts Flipberry

Cellphone power users love their Blackberry. I miss mine but alas, it took a spill a few years ago and never recovered. Maybe I should upgrade and get the just-released Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 smartphone. Is it just a Blackberry Pearl that folds in half? Ehhh, you could say that – if you’re a communist.

The Pearl Flip is currently available from T-Mobile and will set you back $200. In terms of the technology you get, you’ll find familiar stuff like Bluetooth, EDGE, quad-band GSM, voice dialing and a whole mess of shit you’ve already read about 50 times over. It supports up to 16GB of storage via an SD slot, so you could actually use it for media playback. If you have the Pearl, there’s probably no reason to upgrade. Those of you looking for something new or in need of a new device should check it out this fall.


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