Reviving antique cellphones with camera, touchscreen and bluetooth


There are collectors that specialize in antique cellphones, those that are the ugliest and heaviest. Recently mainland Chinese companies have been targeting this crowd and bringing back phones with 1980’s designs. They’re huge, but today the technology has allowed them to add on touchscreens, camera, memory card slot, MP3 MP4 player and Bluetooth. The extra large antenna should help with the reception, they claimed. The extra space inside is also taken up by those super huge batteries that can give the phones 40 days of stand-by. There is a number of companies doing this right now, and the price of these mobile phones ranges from $100 to $300. You can pick them up when you happen to visit the region (Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China), take note that most of these phones run on Dualband GSM. More pictures after the jump.




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