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If you are looking for a cheap, trustworthy alternative to a secure path on the internet, might we suggest a VPN network? If you have mulled over how insecure the whole internet scene is, and are thinking twice before typing in your bank details and other private information, a VPN is just what you need. A Virtual Private Network or VPNs can be used by anyone, who wants a more secure alternative to browsing the net.

What a virtual private network does, is encrypts your incoming and outgoing data while you browse the internet, which works well in case of any prying eyes. So a VPN network, basically allows you to function in stealth mode, allowing you uninhibited, unhindered access to the internet, without anyone watching. Information like your computers IP address can give out a lot of data about your location etc. which can be misused. But under a VPN network, you can browse the internet without having to worry about all that. And with CactusVPN you get all this and more.

In addition to that, virtual private networks allow you remote access to servers all over the world. So you can sit in one corner of the globe, and connect to servers in America and Europe, giving your computer a European or American IP address.

CactusVPN was also the first to offer SoftEther VPN protocols. This protocol is compatible with Windows and offers great internet speed, ensuring encrypted, secure browsing on the internet. What’s more, these VPNs also allow you to access and download unlimited torrents as well. If SoftEther VPN is not something for you, you can choose between other protocols like PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP, all of which are compatible to most OS.

If you have ever wanted to get updated on your latest BBC shows or any sitcoms on Hulu, while traveling abroad, you know it’s a nightmare. With CactusVPN you have a solution to that too. With their smart DNS technologies, you can access geo restricted sites like Hulu, BBC, Netflix, where ever you are. All this without compromising on speed or on internet security, so you do not have to resort to those dingy sites that promise your show, but end up being portal malware and viruses. What is more, with Smart DNS technology, CactusVPN allows you to access content on those sites directly, without rerouting it elsewhere, which also makes up for speedy buffering. In short, with CactusVPN you can access over 100 geo restricted sites, with an added bonus of working on other devices as well.

If buffering is not your thing and you are more of the download now and watch later kind, CactusVPN works wonders there as well. With their special Netherlands and Romanian based servers. So if you are tired of suffering at the hands of ISP regulating your download speed, CactusVPN gives you a good reason to smile and shift to them right away.

Now you would think, if CactusVPN is this great, downloading it, and working with it will be a total nightmare. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is as good as click and download. CactusVPN software is simple to download and compatible with most OS, so whether you are using a Mac of Windows, CactusVPN works like a charm. Selecting your server is easy, just enter your username and password, select your country from the list of four, choose your protocol i.e. PPTP, L2TP, Open VPN, and SSTP, and click connect to start using the VPN services. If in case you get stuck at any level, just contact their Customer care, who will be more than happy to help.

Another great thing about CactusVPN is that it offers good value for your money. In fact if you cannot connect to their servers, via their connection, they will refund you money. If a listed site is still blocked after using their services you can claim your money back with a period of 30 days. Plus as an added bonus this festive season starting from 15th of this month, Cactus is offering an 80% discount on all monthly billing cycles as part of Christmas promotions, means you can get the service at 1$ per month (first month) and 30% discount on other billing cycles.

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  1. Thanks Mohit for reviewing such an amazing product and thanks CactusVPN for bringing up Christmas discount. I am going to grab the offer today itself.

  2. VPN is a very useful tool if you know how to use it. Thanks for posting this detailed review of the option that CactusVPN offers users.

  3. I never thought about using a VPN to access the shows that I like via HULU PLUS because of country restrictions. Thanks for posting that tip!

  4. I love the fact that VPN can make me be virtually anywhere in the world. What a great tool, especially if you are into being anonymous to others.

  5. This is exactly the review I was looking for. What a great product and I am glad that you pointed out these things so make my decision to buy even easier! The price discount is nice too 🙂

  6. The way you describe the user interface is spot on. Thanks for reviewing this awesome product, I hope others that like to use VPN are also going to check out CactusVPN services!

  7. Mohit, I think you nailed this review. Not only do I use the service, but I know people that have used this service and are very, very happy with it. Now that they offer that discount, how can you go wrong?

  8. yeah! CactusVPN is the perfect solution if you want to surf the web anonymously. I like to use it for Netflix and even YouTube sometimes!

  9. I never really thought about using a VPN because I was being throttled by my ISP for downloads. That is a good idea. Thanks for posting the review!

  10. I use VPN to hide myself from applications that like to use geographical locations to display certain content. They are cheap and easy to use, just about any online user can figure one out in short order!

  11. 100 restricted sites!? That is awesome, I would be surprised if there is anyone out there that would need to access more than that! Great post, I am going to try the service out as soon as I can.

  12. I guess for those older folks that do not want there information all over the web, they can be setup with VPN so they can also enjoy shopping online, among other activities without feeling vulnerable to cyber attack.

  13. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think using a service like this for Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube is the only reason to have one. Getting access to the restricted content is awesome and makes my browsing sessions even better!

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