Review: Nike SQ Dymo 2 Str8-Fit Driver


I know, I know. This golf club from Nike has a name longer than a ’67 Cadillac. But with good reason. This $540 (MSRP) driver from Nike is supposed to be the best of the best, the creme de la creme of drivers. Tiger uses one, so why shouldn’t you? Nike sent us one to try out for the weekend, so we took it to Golf Galaxy in Mount Laurel, New Jersey and put it to the test.


Nike insisted that we put the Dymo 2 Str8-Fit (pronounced “Dymo Squared”) up against the TaylorMade R9 driver. Each one we used had a 10.5 degree loft and each was adjustable to get different settings. For the full specs, visit the official Nike page. Before I continue any further, let it be known that I am not a golfer. I am terrible at anything other than mini-putt. That’s why we asked certified PGA Professional Sean Driscoll to help us get a feel for these clubs.

Sean used a $40,000 virtual driving range setup to test out both drivers. Know why? It has tons of stats. Everything from the distance, the fly, wind resistance and then some.We shot a great video with Sean and I hitting balls like it was our job but unfortunately, Ryan Ash shot the entire fucking video upside down, so our aplogies while we try to get it fixed, if at all. In the meantime, here’s Trever Immelman with a few words on the Dymo 2:

Speaking of results, what’s the verdict?


Simply put, the TaylorMade R9, which is considered somewhat of a de facto standard in the industry, got its ass handed to it. The Dymo 2 Str8-Fit outperformed the TaylorMade on every swing. Most of the time, the ball went an additional 10 to 25 feet, with Sean averaging around 310 feet per swing. Even as an amateur golfer, I could tell Nike had really done its homework with this driver. It felt lighter, looked beautiful and felt comfortable in your hands.

So should you buy it? Despite the recession, this is an excellent splurge item. Golf Galaxy was selling it for $399.99, so if your have an upcoming birthday and your wife hasn’t made you happy in months, now’s a good time to ask her for a Str8-Fit club.

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  1. Feet? It outperformed by hitting 310 feet? That’s a wedge shot.

  2. I expect it was “yards” rather than feet.

    I just got the Str8-Fit ( not the square one but the traditional looking one) on sale at Golftown for $250 (Canadian)…it is now back to $349….
    Tested it on the range (haven’t had a chance to get to a course yet) and loved it. I tend to fade/slice my driver; setting this one to closed position and my drives were going straight as an arrow, and occassionally even drawing a bit….I cannot wait to get to a course. And…if I ever do get to take those long needed lessons and actually correct my swing…I can simply choose the neutral, or open(!) position later on.
    Very, very nice driver. It is loud, but what the heck, if I poking it down the middle…I don’t mind the noise!

  3. i guess if tiger uses it it must be good i think that i wil try anything that could improve my game

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