Rent-a-Scooter With Link Scooter System Concept


While I’d rather walk than be caught dead riding a scooter these days (I mean, come on, so 2001,) I’d much rather rent a scooter than buy one full-price, especially if I happened to be too lazy to walk the city streets, which would never happen because I am a brute man of laziness and blubber strength and steel.

What makes the Link Scooter System so cool? Well, for one, if someone were to spot you riding your scooter (the horror!) you can just assure them that you had to rent the fag-mobile for the day because you needed a quick and cheap method of, I dunno, saving babies from fires and putting your jacket over puddles for stuck-up damsel bitches in faux-distress.

Designed by Anton Grimes of University of New South Wales, the Link Scooter System was designed to reduce the mass of automobiles which slay millions of retarded scooter riders daily. Mostly because the scooter-ees are too busy wiping drool from their lips and shitting in their diapers to look for on-coming traffic. Losers.

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