Reminder: Killzone 2 Contest

Let’s cut right to the chase: time is running out on our contest for a Killzone 2 beta invite. We have two we’re giving away and suggest anyone with a Playstation 3 to get in on it. All you need to do is leave a comment letting us know why you love Killzone 2 and your PSN gamertag, along with a valid email address.

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  1. I Love Killzone 2 because of many things,So ill name some.1-Graphics-You kidding me!!!!Killzone 2 has is the best graphic game yet for the ps3,360,and the wii.It is just too amazing.2-Ps3 Exclusive-Thats what i love the most.I am a ps3 fanboy,and i hate too see the 360 winning the battle,so i love that this game will win the ps3 and sell more than Halo 3.3-ITS KILLZONE 2!!!!!killzone is the best game ever!!!.I had killzone 1 and i bought a psp just to buy killzone:liberation.I have been looking everywhere for a beta code for killzone 2 and your my last hope.Please help me out!!!!!


  2. oh i forgot my email –

    [email protected]

    Thank You-killa91606

  3. PSN: jblow205

    first of all we need this am a ps3 fanboy and that was the reason i got my ps3 lunchday off ebay for 1,200 for killzone need i say more and when i seen the graphic i thought i need a napkin your my last hope please i need this beta in my life

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