Reducing Your Car Insurance as a Young Driver

Car insurance for young, inexperienced drivers is often very expensive, and can often be too much for a young person to afford on their own. You should quickly go online to find the cheapest car insurance company and then using these tips you can lower the rate even further. However, there are ways of keeping the costs down. Take a look at this short guide.

Cheap Cars to Insure

Some cars are cheaper to insure than others. All cars are classified into one of 50 different insurance groups, and the cheapest cars to insure are found in one to five. You can often cut down the cost of your car insurance by simply choosing a car from these groups as opposed to a car in a higher group.


Get Extra Qualifications

Some insurers offer discounts for drivers with the Pass Plus qualification. Pass Plus helps new drivers become more confident on the road. While not all insurers recognise this, it is nevertheless a great way to build up your confidence when you begin to drive.

Pay Upfront

Like most things, paying upfront works out cheaper than staggering your payments over a year. However, this isn’t always possible, but you’ll avoid monthly interest charges and often you’ll save a substantial amount.

Increase Your Excess

The more of an excess you pay, the lower your insurance premiums will be. Your excess is the amount that you’d have to pay if you made a claim. However, you should make sure that you’re able to afford the excess before you agree to it, as this will only mean that you’ll struggling to find enough money to cover yourself, and you’ll end up paying more.

Play with Your Quote

Think about the level of cover you need. Comprehensive cover will cover you and other vehicles if you were to have an accident. Third party is the most basic level of cover, and covers claims against you if you injure someone in an accident. It covers the cost of repairing the other vehicle/s but not your own.

However, though comprehensive cover seems like it’d be more expensive, this is not necessarily true. Most young drivers will automatically go for third party; so on some occasions fully comp will be cheaper.

Add a Named Driver

Add a named driver on to your car insurance policy and watch the amount drop, especially if they are older and more experienced. Make sure you don’t do it the other way round, however, as this is known as fronting and is illegal. You could also take a look at multi-car insurance policies if you have family members who drive, as this could mean a considerable discount for you and your family members.

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