Record Cassettes and Vinyl to CD with Crosley Songwriter

crosley songwriter

Much like many geeks, we have stacks of Rush vinyl records and They Might Be Giants cassette tapes laying around that we’ve always wished we could easily transfer to CD without having to take hours to connect the proper equipment to our computer. The Crosley Songwriter gives us exactly that, without the need of a PC handy! And it isn’t too ugly either if we so say ourselves. It mixes vintage style with mashed audio gadgetry in a fashion that is too much to resist. If you still like listening to your albums the old fashioned way, never fear. The Crosley is equipped with a three speed record player, while even managing to shove in a digital AM/FM radio. We usually tend to think that vintage designs like this are cheesy and tacky, but for the Songwriter, it has a strange form of balance that works for it. If you want it, one of these puppies will cost you $399. — Andrew Dobrow

Crosley Songwriter Product Page [via UberReview]

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  1. Does the Crosley Songwriter transfer Vinyl and Cassette from Stereo to CD’s?

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