Real Life Dragon Found in Indonesia

Ok, so it might not be an actual dragon as it doesn’t blow fire, but it’s a lizard… with wings… which is pretty damn close.

Hide your treasure and lock up your princesses! Wait a second, what are we scared of, it’s like two inches long. Oh wait, they have parents don’t they?

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  1. Wowwww great pic!!! It seems to be photoshoped 😛

  2. OMG! that is so AWESOME!! i want one! oh and WHOOT first comment! hehe

  3. Not photoshopped. I’ve seen those on Jeff Corwin’s shows on Animal Planet, they are very real lol.

  4. It’s not photoshopped, malakh. And the wings are meant for gliding, not flying. So, no, this is nothing like a dragon.

  5. What is gliding but a small form of flying?

  6. what is with the photoshop thing? why is that the first comment on every board? who cares?

  7. impresionante este animal, quiza sea una peque�a prueba de la existencia de aquellos monstruos de la antiguedad…

  8. “Found”? As if it’s news? People have known about these gliding lizards for a couple hundred years.

  9. totally photoshopped, i can tell by the pixels around the left wing

  10. what a crappy post, you could have taken a little effort and looked up the name of the lizard, maybe shared some info about it…

    “Draco volans, or the Flying Dragon, is a member of the genus of gliding lizards Draco. It can spread out folds of skin attached to its movable ribs to form “wings” that it uses to glide from tree to tree over distances upwards of 8 meters (25 feet); however, like all modern reptiles, it lacks the ability to sustain powered flight, and is capable only of gliding. Its wings are brightly colored with orange, red and blue spots and stripes, and they provide camouflage when folded. The flying dragon can reach lengths as long as 19 – 23 cm. It feeds on arboreal ants and termites.”

    …(that took literally 15 seconds to look up copy and paste from wiki) but no, you write about hiding treasure and princesses from dragon!? princesses aside, wtf would a dragon need treasure for anyway? what does that have to do with this picture?

    “Wait a second, what are we scared of, it�s like two inches long.” That’s what she said, and you should get used to hearing it because they will keep saying it to u for the rest of your poor pathetic existence.

  11. oh and the photoshop thing is a joke… welcome to the internet, look around but beware, there is some sick stuff in here. so you don’t have to comment about photoshop comments unless you are mocking the trend of comenters who don’t understand the joke, cuz that could be a fun new meme.

  12. photoshop trolls. it is real

  13. Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Reptilia
    Order: Squamata
    Family: Agamidae
    Subfamily: Agaminae
    Genus: Draco Linnaeus, 1758

    A.K.A. Draco Lizard.

    And personally I like to think its a dragon. I was even named after them.

  14. Fuck you malakh. You are an internet douchebag.

  15. Wow… to most other people who’ve commented, cut the guy some slack, it’s not like he’s showing off about discovering a new breed of lizard, he’s just having a little fun. You don’t have to be so critical about it, I mean, I bet only 14th of you actually know what this thing is, at least show some respect for the fct that this guy introduced this awsome little creature to you.

  16. And to “the mrs.”, here’s something you probably get a lot, how old are you? Are you really that pathetic that you cannot even say something positive, let alone something about the post…

  17. How Stupid. That’s not a dragon, it’s a dragon whelp.

  18. just look around you the only thing that the people who say “that’s photoshopped you can tell by the pixels’ want is a debate about it. And thats what you all just gave them good job.

  19. realize it’s just going to evolve into a bird anyways. Just like the majority reptilian creatures that survived the first ice age.

  20. you people are ridiculous…that thing is awesome!

  21. go ashleigh! who cares if it a dragon or not, it has wings which means that it is awesome

  22. du hast mich i think you need to calm down a little haha its just a post. this lizard wasn’t photoshopped, they do exist. whoever says they can see the pixels either has not so great eyesight or they’re looking too hard a picture that doesn’t have the best quality. btw this is a really cool lizard. thanks for posting.

  23. that thing is super cute, and wings? wings back in the dinosaur days were used for gliding, as was stated previously. and what evolved from winged dinosaurs? Birds! and what can birds do? Fly! We may have a pre-evolutionary dragon!

  24. du hast mich –

    you are an idiot!
    “wtf would a dragon need treasure for anyway? what does that have to do with this picture?”

    Um, take like 6 hours off your ass on the internet and read a classic – The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien.

    What a dumbass! seriously.

  25. I didn’t see any princess in the friggin’ picture! I eat dragons bigger than that for breakfast! In fact I got a picture of it, and it ain’t photoshopped!

    Seriously – you guys crack me up!

  26. What the heck!! You guys think that you know everything!! “I tell by the pixels in the left wing!” DUR!!! Some people don’t have 3,000 dollar professional cameras, you know. O, and btw, thats REAL!!!! I have seen them with my own eyes! And on animal planet!! DUR!!

    P.S. Its sooo cute!! I would love it!!! (the wings make it even more awesome!!!)

  27. indonesias got the craziest shit when it comes to animals

  28. now that’s awesome, wow, incredible even

  29. Cristian you win my love forever
    du hast mich it is well known dragons love treasure and princesses, look it up. it only takes like 15 seconds.

  30. Actualy it is prety cool animal. And is more strange then you would think. With birds the front legs evolved into wings, same for bats. But with this animal the wings are seperate of the front legs

  31. Boa, das ist der Wahnsinn, ich kanns immer noch ncih glauben dass es wirklich Dinosaurier auf der Welt gab, und dann gibt uns die NAtur auch noch ein so sch�nes Bewei�mittel,

  32. yup.. it is cool .. i want one as my pet.. lol

  33. I hate those people, where the first thing that comes out of their mouth, through their keyboard is, ITS PHOTOSHOPed, get a life!

    Great discovery!

  34. it’s a norwegian ridgeback!

  35. is it real ? or photoshop?

  36. Pretty neat! Can you imagine how many other species we have yet to uncover?

  37. In Indonesia, it called ‘Kadal Terbang’
    Nice post!

  38. it’s not a dragon like but a flying lizard, i’ve seen this lizard at my village , belinyu, bangka island , indonesia, south east asia

  39. It certainly suggests that Dragon’s in the mythical sense could be some variation or ancestor of the specimen in question. Dragon mythology is present in far to many cultures world wide to strike up to mere coincidence. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Dragons(large winged reptilian lizards) co-existed with Homo Sapiens somewhere in our not too distant biological past. As for fire breathing, the Komodo Dragon has highly toxic saliva. It would not be a hard stretch to imagine a powerfully acidic saliva that could be spat a distance causing 3rd degree burns on a victim.

  40. There’s a fabulous website with more of these & other fabulous lizards. Take a look.

  41. I had always believed that the dragons have been shrunk. Awesome

  42. “Ok, so it might not be an actual dragon as it doesn�t blow fire…”

    ok, how do you know that for sure? Just because no one have seen it blow fire thus not mean it cant 🙂 It could be a shy little dragon 🙂

  43. that thing is awesome! it’s real, yes but obviously this post reminds (not consciously, though) us that something like that exist and I think it’s pretty cool.

  44. that’s just a flying lizard no big deal but still pretty awesome!

  45. Providing the guy didn’t hurt the lizard by stretching its wings involuntarily I think it’s a beautiful picture, a beautiful creature and yes, I too am sick of the photoshop comments. I do understand the level of cynicism though as we are bombarded with so much junk, HOWEVER it’s nice to see the myriad of reactions to something real. Nice “feel good” pic.
    I also would like to think it’s a dragon!

  46. Yeah they are real i remember sitting under some coconut palms on the island of Sulawesi watching them gliding from palm to palm, i was there as part of an ecological research team and i worked some with the herpetology team who were studying these along with the other reptiles of the area and i have seen them close up also, and they do have these brightly colored wings, very beautiful animals

  47. That’s not a dragon!!! That’s that little guy Tattoo from Fantasy Island!

  48. Dude,
    are you sure that was awesome?
    i found many of them in my backyard, yes i am indonesian,

  49. That’s not a damn dragon! That’s one of those weird looking lizards they show on Planet Earth on the Animal Planet channel!

  50. For all those haters of this awesome DRAGON, just wait til it’s momma comes to find you. haha

  51. Dude! Totally awesome. 🙂 And someone else with the same spelling as me! woot! 🙂

  52. THANK YOU, du hast mich. I was annoyed with the lack of information as well.

  53. Yes that is pretty cool. A little itty, bitty, tiny dragon. Very cool picture.

  54. goose frabba du hast mich… gooooooose frabbba :0)

  55. …what is that sticking into it’s left wing?

  56. Why are you people so annoyed with the lack of information? Naming someone pathetic just because he doesn’t want to look up the scientific name of every fucking relative of this dragon? Maybe it’s a frog that looks like a dragon

  57. Bizarre!!!!

  58. unbelievable so much fuss over a dragon!!!!

  59. I’d eat it.

  60. i have this animal..haahah

  61. Wow! That is so mint! A teeny tiny dragon. Too bad they couldn’t find like a teeny tiny princess with teen-eintsy cleavage and eentsy-weentsy golden locks flowing down to her hot little tiny thumbelina waist, maybe with some hot princess nano-jewelry in her pierced navel which would only be like the size of the period at the end of this sentence. Then there could be a micro-condensed sized knight in, like, armor and all and he could be like wielding a Schick razor to slice and dice that bitchin’ little dragon into salad snacks.

  62. du hast mich is a cock

    du hast mich, stfu u cock, appreciate the post, like u said, it took hardly anytime for u 2 look it up so quit bitching like a little girl who just had her barbie doll stolen

  63. Did you know that there are snakes that can do the same thing? And for those that want to build a dragon geneticlly(please feel free to correct me or provide additional information): Spitting cobras can hit a target upto 10 ft away, there is a beetle in the Amazon that can produce a boiling fluid that will ignite with the proper conditions, and crocodiles have a second set of lungs that allow them to stay underwater longer. Lets play god and mix and match these to build a dragon! Muhahahahaha! lol, jk. 😉

  64. Dragons don’t breathe just fire. Only red dragons breathe fire.

  65. thats awesome check it on youtube –

  66. Not photoshoped for those of you who think it is, although those aren’t wings of any kind, it is a real lizard, those flaps of skin that are being portrayed as wings as a self defense strategy, making it look bigger.

  67. cool pic, is just part of evolution, and for the ones that are making so many stupid comments…. grow up!!

  68. @christian you sir get a ham sandwhich

  69. I’ve seen these on my travels, it’s not hard to see where a lot of the dragon myths come from when we come across these types of animals and many more of ancient times.

  70. where can you buy one?

  71. wow nanobrain…. is this some weird fantasy of yours or something??

  72. DON’T WORRY GUYS I KNOW HOW TO TRAIN A DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. ive seen like maybe 3 legit comments that actually add to the conversation i hate internet

  74. You guys are so rude. This is cool and interesting, who cares if you already knew about it, enjoy the fact that someone else is now learning about it as well.

  75. lizard loving girl

    i want on- dragon thing or not its cute

  76. definitely shopped 🙂

  77. I’m in love with the fact that things of fairy tales can have some truth to them.

  78. Alright kids, before you claim “Photoshopped” …DO YOU THINK YOU COULD SPEND THE 5 F-CKIN’ MINUTES ON WIKIPEDIA TO SEE IF THEY’RE REAL?


  79. Photoshopped or not, it still looks pretty cool and brought some very creative stories to mind!

  80. I can not believe the amount of comments that this one picture has received so many comments….?

  81. I think that this is the cutest thing ever, and that some of you people need to get lives. I personally dont think it is photoshopped, so stop being rude. I also think that if people want to learn more info on it LOOK IT UP YOURSELF! jeez, it was not this guys job to post info at least he posted the pic! Oh and you dont have to use swear words all the time. I think it is sooo adorable and thank you for posting it!!!! haha and SAM you just made my life <3

  82. Fcuk you guys I want one!

  83. I think it’s cute and I totally want one! I’ve always loved lizards!

  84. Baby dragon hey… it may very well be capable of blowing fire when it grows up 🙂

  85. Hello, dragon enthusiasts! As it is a fact that I, myself, am a dragon, I would like to take this opportunity to dispel a few of the myths surrounding my species� existence�

    �To begin with, we fucking LOVE treasure! My cave is full of the stuff! Just like those of your species who hoard miscellanies items, we dragons are notorious for stockpiling treasure.
    �We breath fire� it�s an awesome fact.
    �Yes. We kidnap princesses, but not for the reasons you may believe. In actuality, princesses are, typically, wonderful conversationalists who understand the debilitating effects of living a life of seclusion.

    I�ll leave you with this thought� Most photos of dragons are not �photoshopped� images of lizards; however, there are several inaccurate depictions of dragons propagandized by popular media outlets. Not only are these misconceptions hurtful, but also serve to function as a �social sedative.� For those of you who are not familiar with the term �social sedative, I refer you to the work of Thomas Szasz.

    Thank you for this forum to present my ideas!


  86. What does this give me when I kill it? Like 2 exp?

  87. Very cool, and as much as some people might like to wish that dragons were real, would we really want a flying monster threatening our lives… It’s a good thing it’s so small.

  88. Actually, this is a baby dragon. After one year of life, a dragon tamer like myself can train it, and after it passes some quests. It may serve one faithfully as a guardian animal. I have one named Orion, and he is about 11 ft tall with a wingspan of about 18 ft. I only take him for flights at night so that it doesn’t scare people, but he is harmless. He is well known in my town in Peru, where I moved for him to be able to grow with lots of space to play and little media attention.

    Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes. Which is why most will doubt.

  89. Stumbled upon this picture again, and still think this little guy is awesome! 🙂

  90. that thing is awesome! it�s real, yes but obviously this post reminds (not consciously, though) us that something like that exist and I think it�s pretty cool.

  91. Wow! That is so mint! A teeny tiny dragon. Too bad they couldn�t find like a teeny tiny princess with teen-eintsy cleavage and eentsy-weentsy golden locks flowing down to her hot little tiny thumbelina waist, maybe with some hot princess nano-jewelry in her pierced navel which would only be like the size of the period at the end of this sentence. Then there could be a micro-condensed sized knight in, like, armor and all and he could be like wielding a Schick razor to slice and dice that bitchin� little dragon into salad snacks.

  92. i have a dragon in my garage hehe

  93. @Nathan: Actually, my good fellow, it depends entirely upon the type and species of the dragon you are comparing it to. Keep in mind that some dragons don’t have wings at all. Additionally, not all Western dragons breathe fire. Some spit/exhale clouds of acid or poison, some emit an electrostatic charge, some simply breathe air. In shape, this lizard is very similar to a Western dragon (Draconis Occidentalis), the one common in European lore. It is a winged reptile. Therefore, it fits the only definite criteria for a Western dragon.

  94. This is tooo cool! I checked the youtube video as well. I soooo want one! I see newly discovered animals daily and i’m totally amazed! Thanks for sharing because i never knew of this animal until now.

  95. That sucks. If you’re going to make fun of dragons do it somewhere else

  96. FUS RO DAH!

  97. ulfric stormcloak

    Alduin has returned.

  98. I’ve been needing to get a new dragon. The end of life on one of these guys is a lot like a bee. They fly around and shred the shit out of their wings, and it takes more and more calories to get around. After a certain point, they literally starve to death.

    It’s the natural end of the dragon’s life, and mine’s getting close. He can only carry about a ten ton payload, now.

    I always wanted to start with a baby.

  99. This little dragon has beautiful colorful wings.
    Ancient dragon might be a big version of this lizard.

  100. so fake dragons are real and that is not one of them

  101. All of you that said it was fake are all haters, and if you saw a pixelation on the left wing its because you stare at the computer screen so much your eyes are messed up.

  102. I swear, It is real.. I used to have bunch of them in the garden front of my house.. in indonesia we to call them “chikiber.”

    this reptile that can fly, is not that really bizarre in Indonesia.. I remember when I was a kid, I used to catch some of them.. and then released them again

  103. For those of you that are uninformed and say it is not a dragon. Draco is Latin for Dragon, and no, it is not photoshopped so stop straining your eyes looking for imperfections. I’ve seen the same imagery and photos on Animal Planet.

  104. so is it real?

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