Ramen Restaurant Ran by Robots


No, that isn’t just the work of some handy alliteration. Although, this post does happen to be brought to you by the letter “R.”

The Fuamen Ramen restaurant´┐Ż in Nagoya, Japan is manned by a team of robots who expertly prepare the customers’ bowls of noodles. The owner claims that the benefits of using robots are the consistency of taste and the accuracy in their timing. Just wait until they start adding nuts and bolts to the recipe. Check out a vid and the finished product after the jump.


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  1. Wow, no kidding. I always wondered if this would ever come to pass and now, here we have it. Question? Will the food taste as good since there is no human love and affection added to the taste? As they always say, Love is what leads to the heart and also to and through the stomach.

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