Radio Shack To Start Taking Console Trade-Ins


Oh, Radio Shack. You have been grossly undervalued as a valuable asset to the DIY community. After all, when I need a battery case or a couple LEDs, I can always count on your ever-shrinking supply cabinet to give me what I need.

So in an effort to make more cash, ’cause wires and lights ain’t workin’, the Shack will now accept video game console trade-ins. You can get “as much as” $76.50 for a Pro 360, $113.79 for a Wii and $175.44 for an 80GB PS3. Not bad, but nothing entirely special. You can then use your trade-in toward a future purchase at Radio Shack. Good to know, but what the hell am I going to buy with $100+ at that store? I’m all ears.


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