Racing Up The Walls

Recalling my childhood, I had some really interesting and quirky toys as a kid. From Sewer Sharks to Mighty Max, there was always something new, colorful and exciting to discover about them. Now it’s 2008 and shitty raps and bright colors don’t cut it anymore. Kids want excitement. They want realism. They’re going to both want and ask you for this RC car.

The Air Hog Zero Gravity Micro RC (whew!) is like any other RC toy with a remote with the exception that it can drive up your fucking wall. That’s right. Using some crazy air vortex technology, you can slap it on a wall, under a table or any other flat surface and drive around on it. You’ll get about 10 minutes of playtime with a 30 minute charge on the battery. At around $60, it’s a pretty reasonably priced way to keep your child entertained until his friend comes over with something ten times cooler.

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