Pyramat S2000 lets you feel that bomb blow

pyramat s2000 sound rocker

Have you ever felt that you wish the chair you were sitting in would rumble with the blast of the bomb you just bew up in your favorite war game? If so, your wish has come true. The Pyramat S2000 Sound Rocker uses what is called Audio Response Technology which uses the subwoofer (yes, there is a subwoofer in this comfy chair) to vibrate your body along with what is happening on your screen. It is compatable with pretty much any home media device including your gaming console, TV, VCR, DVD or MP3 player. It also has an iPod dock (what doesn’t have an iPod dock now?) so that you can be extra lazy. Now for the kicker, we know you all love your LAN parties, but what if you could feel your friends bomb going off? These S2000 allow you to hook up a maximum of 3 others for a true multiplayer experience.

Features Specifications

– 3” Full Range ARX™
– Speakers
– 5.5” Powersub™ Subwoofer
– iPod™/MP3/PSP™ Input and Holster
– RCA Audio Inputs
– Headphone Jack
– Volume and Bass Controls
– RCA Multi-player Audio Outputs
– Breathable Poly-stretch Fabric
– Illuminating speakers
– Folds for Storage


– Max Power Per channel: 30w subwoofer, 12w Speakers x2
– RMS: Subwoofer 20w, Speakers 8w x2
– Signal-to-noise ratio: 80dB
– Frequency response range: Subwoofer 40Hz “ 220Hz
– Frequency response range: Speakers 220Hz “ 20000Hz
– Cross-over frequency: 60HZ
– Weight: 38 lbs
– Weight limit: 200 lbs

Compatible with: PS2™, PS3™, XBox™, XBox360™, Game Cube™, Nintendo DS™, Nintendo Wii™, PSP™,
iPod™, Mac, PC, TV, VCR, DVD and MP3 players.

Nik Gomez

Pyramat s2000 Sound Roker  [via Gadgetell]

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