Pure Digital�s new camcorder hit with Vloggers.

pure digital psv-352 camcorder

A vlogger�s dream camcorder was born with Pure Digital�s new Camcorder. This compact camcorder is just the perfect size to capture all those moments you�d never catch, or even have, lugging a regular camcorder around. With 1GB of memory built in, you can record up to 60 minutes worth of video without adding any extra memory. This new camcorder has all the features of a normal camcorder, from one-touch recording to a zoom feature. Remove the necessity of cables with an extendable USB arm; very nice if you seem to be constantly uploading videos off the video camera. Also included is a TV cable so you vloggers (video bloggers) can preview your content before putting it on the internet for billions to look at (that embarrassing clip doesn�t look so funny anymore, does it?). Sharing your videos with family and friends (or the whole world) is easy with the included software. If you are obsessed with filming everything, spending $140 should be a great deal for you. More pics after the jump.

pure digital psv-352 camcorder

pure digital psv-352 camcorder

Nick Rice

Pure Digital PSV-352 camcorder [via Random Good Stuff]

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