PSP firmware 3.30 upgrade finally surfaces after seven weeks


After almost 2 monthes without a firmware upgrade, the PSP finally decided to release 3.30, an upgrade from the previous 3.11. Speculation for the long wait has been pointed at several reasons. One being that 3.11 kept the PSP handheld console secure through the long time period, despite the quick decryption, and also that compatibility issues weren’t popping up over PS1 downloads. We think that Sony has just had to much crap on their agendas, with the release of the PS3 in Europe, plus lagging sales in the US.

This firmware upgrade offers the usual security patch and support upgrade, plus a few extra debugs and goodies such as support for thumbnail images through RSS and the Video folder, as well as a added option under Network Settings to “Use Wireless Hotspot” and some extended video sizes. Pretty much all cosmetic changes rather then performance. Though be warned that the new video size options remain very beta-like and might lead to trouble. — Andrew Dobrow


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