PS3 supply to exceed demand


Things have not been going good at all for Sony recently. The PS3, which was one of the most, if not the most, highly anticipated gaming consoles ever to be released has entered a serious slump. Marketing trends and sales are showing a bleak prediction for the future of the PS3 system. On the initial date of release, the PS3 flew off the shelves at the speed that was to be expected. Days later the systems were being sold for $2,000 a pop on eBay to the many who were not able to find one. Only weeks after the release, prices for the PS3 on eBay are selling for barely over the retail price, if at all, regardless of the lack of supply in stores. With the  Microsoft Nintendo  Wii leading the charge in every category, the Playstation 3 continues to lag behind in sales. Many are already predicting that there are going to be too many of them around with not enough of a market. Although many sales predictions showed Sony has having a breakout product with the PS3, this is what happens when you stay in the technology game, without innovating your style. The Wii is fresh, fun, and cool and in the end, the PS3 is basically the PS2 with better graphics. — Andrew Dobrow

Is there a PS3 supply glut? [PRWeb, via GWN]

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  1. “Microsoft” Wii? Is that some sort of Bill Gates small penis joke?

    -Tom Coffee

  2. Another “columnist” drinking the PS3 Hatorade.

    The XBOX 360 behaved exactly the same way at launch and the hardware barely functioned. Remember the limited availability? Remember the Ebay craze? Remember how it dropped off quickly?

    Another thing, what the heck is a Microsoft Wii?

    How is anyone supposed to sort through all the B.S. reporting to get the real story on these product launches?

  3. haha sorry for that huge mistake, the writer has been drinking all night.

  4. haha just as i knew it the ps3 WILL fail lol

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