PS3 ads in Xbox 360 game: Too friggen funny

xbox 360 ads

Microsoft can’t cut themselves a break these last few days. They haven’t really been doing a good job of helping that fact either. In this preview screenshot from the recently announced UEFA Xbox 360 game, an add for the Playstation 3 can be plainly seen in the background.

Microsoft probably should of scoped out the UEFA’s sponsers before signing on for a video game deal, which include both Sony and the Playstation brand. Sony is getting a pretty nice deal with this game. Though I’m sure they would rather have people buy their games then to have their name seen in a Microsoft game. — Andrew Dobrow

Playstation 3 advert appears in Xbox 360 [360 gamer, via Joystiq]

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  1. uefa is also for the playstation 2 so thats why there is a playstation 3 trailer in it dumbass

  2. @michael: Hey, thanks for the comment fellow troll. The ad is in an Xbox game, wether it’s available on PS2 or not.

  3. Hah, too funny!

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