Projecteo, The Tiny Instagram Projector

Once in a while here at GearFuse we will be approached by a company with a new product wanting to know our opinions. Projecteo was one of those new products.


Projecteo is a small (fit in the palm of your hand) projector created by Mint Digital. The tiny projector projects images from a tiny reel on to the closest wall. The reels are created at the time of your projector purchase by linking directly to your Instagram account. The direct linkup makes reel creation easy and fast – just select your 9 Instagram images for your picture reel and let Projecteo do the rest of the work.

The ordering process is fast and easy and delivery is equally fast, however, the price point leaves much to be desired. The cost for your mini projector along with a single reel of images from your Instagram account is $34.98 which does, however, include worldwide delivery so this would be a steal if you lived half way across the world.

The photos from your reel are projected on to a close wall and the projector even features a small focus option on the lens of the projector. We did find that the projector had to be quite close to the wall in order to project a clear image though which was a little disappointing but the gift concept is still a good one.

If you are interested in taking a look at just how the Projecteo works, take a look at this Vimeo video of this pint sized projector in action!

Although the price point left quite a lot to be desired we do like the idea of the Projecteo as a gift idea or a stocking stuffer.

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