Proclaim your love for everything Mozilla with a backpack

mozilla ogio metro backpack

Firefox merch is probably some of the best merch that money can buy. If you are one of the very inteligent people across the world who have made the decision to be a convert of a clean and extendable browser, that little picture of a T-Rex head should be very recognizable to you. While it isn’t the Firefox symbol, it is the symbol for Mozilla (they make Firefox). This very nice backpack that is made by Ogio Metro lets you show off your technical knowledge without you saying anything. Also, if you happen to be one that likes to thrash your backpack, this comes with a 30-year warrantee. They obviously stand behind the quality of their products, which says about the company as a whole. So why is this a backpack for your laptop? It has a ceter storage area for your large stuff, a laptop sleeve that opens from the side, a place for your power cords and mouse, and as stated before, the dino head is freakin’ sweet! This backback is being sold for a reasonable $70. For laptop protection, it’s definitely worth it. — Nik Gomez

Mozilla Ogio Metro Backpack [via Uncrate]

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